Global competitive environment has brought fast changes in all business sectors.

This makes it crucial for companies to base their decisions not only on analysis of their internal dynamics but considerations over the ever-changing external opportunities and threats to their organisations. Our Strategy building services include:

  • Analysis of your organisation’s long term goals, aspirations and behavioural patterns,
  • The preliminary of stages of Strategy Building – Mission and Vision development.
  • By deploying analytical study methods, assessing the industry and external environment in which your organisation operates.

Ensuring your company’s longevity and its ability to keep and gain the competitive edge which are directly related to its assets and capabilities. With the Corporate Check –up, we aim to identify:

  • Strong and weak aspects of the company, which areas of the organisation are in need of improvement.
  • Internal assets and capabilities. This will prepare a basis for the future strategy and improved decisions.

At the end of the Corporate Check-up study, we will have identified any shortfalls in your organisational structure, decision-making systems, human resource practices, communication and coordination mechanisms. Enabling us to create a road map for your future success.

We help you adapt to current developments with productivity, motivation, technology, competition, economic, social and cultural conditions; develop and implement measurable, lasting improvements in all aspects of Operational processes. Enabling you to gain and keep competitive edge.

In the light of corporate governance principles, we work with you to develop plans ensuring a successful transition of management between successive generations, enabling a balanced family relationship within the company.

Change Management

In the modern business environment, organizations face rapid change as never before. Globalization and innovations of technology result in a constantly evolving business environment.

The necessity of change is no longer a topic for discussion. How to achieve continuous change, and how to improve the organisation’s ability to adapt to these changes has to be put into practice immediately.

If an organisation doesn’t adapt to changes, such as utilising latest technologies or new business practices in time, it will without doubt be left behind by the competition.

Yordam Management Consulting helps your organisation to adapt to current developments with productivity, motivation, technology, competition, economic, social and cultural conditions.

In this context, Yordam’s services include:

  • Recognising changes in the broader business environment. Identifying and managing the driving forces of support and resistance to change within your organisation.
  • Developing the necessary adjustments for your organisation’s needs.
  • Gaining your employees’ support by involing them in every stage of the transformation process.
  • Drawing out plans for the proposed professional and behavioural training for your employees.

Cultural Change

One other important element of gaining competitive advantage is an established company culture. Culture will either aid or hinder the organisation’s efforts to develop and deploy its mission, strategy and policies.

Cultures which lack collective value, belief and behaviour codes would lag behind cultures that do as they would not be as proactive and adaptive, therefore they would unavoidably lose competitive advantage they might have had.

With our Restructuring of Corporate Culture services we design and apply strategies to :

  • Create a cultural transformation that will support the goals of your organization by active participation of all your employees
  • Enabling you to keep and gain competitive edge.

Global Integration of Family Companies / Designing the Institutionalisation Process

Throughout the world and also in Turkey, a large portion of economic activity is being performed by family-owned companies. Because of their inability to grow and simultaneously institutionalize, it is an established fact that most family-owned companies experience serious problems regarding the transition of management between successive generations. Therefore their long term continuity remain uncertain. Studies suggest that the portion of family-owned companies which survive the third generation transition is only at 4%.

“Global Integration of Family Companies”

services include:

  • In the light of corporate governance principles, reordering and regulating family relationship within the company.
  • Creating a “Family Constitution” which will aid communication within the family and support achievement of objectives,
  • While including family members in the management process and considering each member’s expectations; creating and deploying a “next generation management transition” plan.

Organisational Restructuring

  • The competitiveness, efficiency and effectiveness of your organization are aspects which are directly linked to how well your organizational structure is streamlined with your mission, vision and strategic goals.In this context, our Restructuring Consultancy Services comprises of;
    • Carefully evaluating your existing structure, your processes, your organization’s way of doing business, culture and the characteristics of the sector you operate in.
    • Making the necessary revisions and remodelling of the correct structure of your business which will accelerate your potentials to reach your goals.

    At each stage of the process, our top priority is to eliminate any elements of resistance by ensuring participation of top management and employees at all levels.

We collaborate with you to create and sustain profitable growth by developing your company’s Strategic Marketing plan. Identify your sales and distribution channel needs, develop and implement systems, enabling you to manage them effectively and efficiently.

We assist you to create your unique brand and Customer Relationship Management strategies, lead practices to build a positive brand perception and develop measurable systems to support your sales and marketing activities.

Strategic Marketing Plan

Nowadays, due to increased competition, companies have widely been utilizing strategic marketing plans. Strategic Marketing Planning is a process that includes development and implementation of the company’s medium and long term marketing strategies.

This is a study which comprises both the marketing and the strategic plans of the company and helps management to develop a roadmap determining how these marketing objectives can be realised. Therefore, Strategic Marketing Plan is a meaningful tool at the macro level which will benefit the company in the long term.

A correctly drawn strategic marketing plan helps the company to utilize its time and financial resources effectively. In this context, Yordam provides specialist services to help you create your strategic marketing plans, identify strategic marketing activities and develop a blue-print for the implementation of these activities.

Sales and Distribution Channel Effectiveness

A product that is manufactured to meet the consumers’ expectations and the correct pricing is important. It is also as important that the product must be made available to the consumers’ at the right place and the right time. Companies seek to select the correct channel to ensure that their products are delivered to the market in the most effective and efficient way. Characteristics of the market, consumer, manufacturer and the product, environmental factors and sales features are the main factors that influence the choice of distribution channels. In consideration of these factors, the following must be determined;

  • Which distribution channels will be used?
  • How many levels will the they contain?
  • What will be the length of the distribution?
  • Who are the dealers to work with?

In addition, it is also extremely important to determine how the channel will be managed?

For effective management, it is necessary to put in place systems that will deal with maintaining motivation of the channel members, performance measurement and evaluations.

With our expert team of consultants, we identify your company’s specific sales and distribution needs and help you develop systems that enable you to take control and manage them effectively and efficiently.

Brand Management

In a bid to grasp the competitive advantage, companies work to place their products or brands to a higher market position against rivals.

In order to increase a brand’s market position, management needs a good strategy and a policy that is consistent.

Whether the specific qualities of the brand can be recognised as good or bad depends on how it is perceived by the consumers.

In product positioning, factors such as benefits, areas of use, competitors and product differentiation should all be considered.

In addition, while positioning a brand, companies must consider the cost-benefit balance.

Here at Yordam, we provide tailored services which help identify your Brand Management needs, create a unique brand proposition, strategy and policy to help you build a positive perception.

Customer Experience Management

Customer experience represents; Customers’ interactions with the brand at every level and the total value that each customer places on the brand as result of their experience.

This is an emotional evaluation by the customer which is formed in the light of real life experiences at every point of contact between the customer and the brand. Therefore, all points of contact in total form the customer experience.

Point of contact can be the product / service itself, pre-sales, sales action, after sales – every point that the customer encounters with the brand. If there is an inadequacy at any of the points, customer’s perception of that brand will be negatively affected.

In an effort to maximize the total value the customer places on the brand – management of customer relationship at all points of contact is referred to as “Customer Experience Management”- is only possible when company employees at all levels are made aware of the importance of customer experience and work towards the same goal.

Here at Yordam, we provide tailored services which help identify your Customer Experience Management needs, create systems that help you effectively manage and measure your Customers’ experiences and improve your practices.

We support to correctly determine your company’s internal and external risks, identify areas for improvement, formulate and implement an effective internal control system.

Our consultants advise you how to develop reporting systems capabilities that will significantly increase your management’s ability for timely and effective decision-making.

Internal Audit

In order to guarantee realisation company management objectives, it is imperative an adequate and effective internal audit is carried out.

A strong internal control structure ensures;

  • Smooth running of the control mechanisms,
  • Helps manage the financial and operational risks
  • Eliminates fraud,
  • Prevents losses of income and expenses occuring
  • Contributes to increase the company’s productivity and competitiveness.

With hindsight of the developments in the 21st century, in order to achive success in management, taking a proactive approach in managing the company’s internal audit has proven to be mandatory.

Here at Yordam, we provide comprehensive and customised solutions for your company’s internal audit needs.

For your company, we can;

  • Set up an internal audit function based on international standards.
  • Compare your existing internal audit function with best practices.
  • Operate your entire internal audit function for you.

Risk Assesment and Internal Control Systems

Today, one of the greatest threats that companies face arises from an inability to manage risk. When internal or external risks are evaluated incorrectly, they cause companies to suffer both financial and physiological losses. To effectively manage risk; the priority should be placed on identifying what these risks are, the areas that can be improved and forming an effective internal controls mechanism.

With the existence of an effective internal control system, ensures that the risk is minimized, enables your company to reach important goals, reliability of financial reporting and compliance to predetermined policy and legal regulations.

Appetite for risk varies between company and industry.

Therefore, determining risks in existing business processes and development of internal control systems solutions need to be designed specifically for each company.

With Yordam’s our multi-industry competent and experienced team, we offer an outstanding service in areas of identification of risks and formulation of an effective internal control system, which will make a difference to your needs and provide added value to your company.

Management Reporting

As the business world is becoming more complex with every passing year, new regulations make it necessary for companies to become more transparent.
Management’s ability for timely and effective decision-making is directly related to the quality of information made available to them. Correct and reliable data which is presented in a simple and understandable way.

Your company management which sets the correct reporting standards will be one step ahead, capable to come up with new strategies against possible anomalies on their way.
At Yordam, we offer services that help identify your needs and develop your management reports that are designed with you specificly in mind.

International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS and USGAAP)

Globalisation has led the concept of ‘local market’ to lose its meaning. To take their place in the world market, firms are required to prepare standardised financial statements. Consequently, Turkish Accounting Standards Board (TASB) in 2005 adopted the world over recognized International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and translated IFRS into Turkish and so The Turkish Financial Reporting Standards (TFRS) was introduced.

In this respect, some of the biggest changes the new Turkish Commercial Code (TCC) have been brought in the areas of trade books and financial reporting with many companies are required to adopt when operating in Turkey. It is expected it will be fully implemented in the coming years.

Here at Yordam, we offer tailor made services for your company’s compliance with the International Financial Reporting Standards.

As a result of the latest developments worldwide, the global economy has been moving towards a new equilibrium. From the point of increasing the competitiveness of nations and companies alike, It is more important than ever that rules applicable to business life are compatible with global standards. In recognition of this fact, our country has accepted the new Turkish Commercial Code No. 6102. Starting from formation of capital companies into shareholding structure, management structure, organisational structure, company reporting standards, IT technologies and restructuring of organisations; the new Turkish Commercial Code (TCC) has brought extensive range of changes in legal, fiscal rules and obligations to be complied. In addition to all the above, many new legislative arrangements are being added every day. To correctly interpret the new regulations and to ensure timely compliance requires intensive labor and knowledge.

As Yordam, with our expert team of consultants, we provide specialist services to ensure your company’s compliance with legislative changes in the TCC.

We provide specialist services to ensure your company’s compliance with legislative changes with the Turkısh Commercial code and Social Security Legislations.

Business and Social Security Institution (SGK) Related Transactional Advice Services

  • Transactions regarding opening new business, transfer, merger, division and closure of existing businesses.
  • Procedures regarding business relationships such as, joint venture, consortium, sub-contractor, employer lent.

Social Security registrants and the (SGK) Transactional Advice Services

  • Transactions regarding notification of new employees and employees leaving work.
  • Social security related transactions for foreign workers.

Consulting Service regarding Actual Earnings based Insurance Premium.

  • Identification of earnings that are deductible or undetectable in terms of Social Security premium calculations, premıum rates and calculation of premiums.
  • Arranging installment plans for premium balances that are owed, allocation of gauranties and progress payment balances in lieu of premium balances owing.

Short-Term/ One-Off Insurance Related Transactional Advisory Services

  • Transactions related to Work accidents, occupational diseases, maternity and sickness etc.

Company Transactional Records and Documents Analysis Services

  • Checking documents and records such as journal books, pay slips, salary calculator compass, payroll records, employee personnel files, etc..) being kept by employers
  • Examining validity of records and transactions in respect of the SGK regulations.
  • Examination of the documentation to be processed on the SGK E-insurance system, (Monthly premium service certificates, registration documents, workplace declarations, declaration of resignation, the missing day notices, etc.)
  • Operations in respect of prevention of administrative fines emerging.

Consulting Services in respect of SGK’s Employment Incentive Schemes.

  • Examining the validity of all transactions and records in relation to Incentive laws and regulations.

Consulting services in respect of Industry related minimum performance audits being performed by the SGK inspectors and transactional advices in relation to the reconciliation process.

General Health Insurance scheme advisory services.

Preparation of Circulars aimed at explaining the frequently changing Social Security regulations and practices.

Due to advances in communications and technology and faling profit margins, in order to maintain continuity, it is vital for companies to take control and reduce unit costs and increase productivity.

In order to meet their profitability targets, companies must set up an effective costing information system infrastructure. Overall production costs (fıxed and variable costs) should be distributed on profit center basis. For each consecutive activity during the production process, companies must be able to control and understand what, when and how much of the company resources are being consumed. Companies also need to examine and thruoghly understand what factors affect production activities and identify issues that need to be resolved.

While attempting to maximize revenue and profitability, management in general focuses on increasing sales and sales operations. Therefore in most cases productivity losses – which are associated with workflows – are overlooked.

In fact, during the production process, manufacturing, marketing, and product costs of each unit can be separated; functions and responsibilities may be divided on the basis of product or profit centers. By taking these steps, companies can identify areas where cost savings can be made, hence increase profitability.

Drawing on our experience of operational business processes, our expert team of consultants will help you develop improvement work plans to mimimise your costs, productivity losses and increase your productivity.

At each stage of the process, our top priority is to eliminate any elements of resistance by ensuring participation of top management and employees at all levels.

The changing competitive conditions demand companies to utilise flexibility of such solutions as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system infrastructure. As Yordam, we help you to establish and / or restructure your ERP system so that it performs in coherence with your existing business processes and best possible ROI can be realised. We offer support on;

  • Ensuring functions such as Sales and Marketing, Purchasing, Production, Production Planning, Inventory Control, R & D, Quality, Quality Control, Accounting, Finance, Strategic Planning and Budget, Human Resources to become fully operational on the ERP system,
  • Developing Management Information Systems within your organisation through reporting from your ERP.
  • Establishing a Performance Evaluation infrastructure by utilising measurable key indicators that are reported on ERP.
  • Enabling you to utilise your ERP System for Project Management and Supervision purposes.

Starting with an In-house training request by a client company, the first phase of a Yordam Business Training Program Plan includes, a through requirements analysis and evaluation of alternative solutions.

This process ensures that we design an in-house programme completely tailored to your needs.

During the second phase, our consultants continue working on creating company-specific content and identifying participants that will best benefit from the offering. Following the approval of the content and the program by the client, we perform the planned training and the follow-up process begins.

Yordam In-House, Open Training Programs and Seminars cover a wide range of topics. For detailed information, please contact our Training Consultant Levent Gedik at

Certificate Programs

  • Labour and Social Security Specialization Certificate Program
  • Sales Academy Certificate Program
  • Human Resources Professionals Training Certificate Program


  • Telephone Customer Service
  • Customer Experience Management (CEM-Customer Experience Management)
  • Store Sales Force Management
  • Excellent Sales Interview
  • Basic Merchandising Training
  • Phone, Sales and Customer Relations
  • Presentation Skills for Sales Professionals (Sales presentation)
  • Sales Professionalism (Basic Level)
  • Sales Force Management
  • Increase Sales Effectiveness
  • Creation and Effective Communication in Customer Service Continuity
  • Customer Experience Management (CEM-Customer Experience Management)
  • Advanced Sales Techniques
  • Call Center (Call Center)
  • Great Customer Management

Essential Skills

  • Effective Presentation Order By preparing your mind
  • E-mail Communication with
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Executive Assistant Training
  • Training of Trainers (Effective Training Techniques)
  • Business and Relationship Management
  • Negotiation Skills in Business
  • Coping with Difficult People
  • Time Management
  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Management in the New World
  • Productive Meetings Management
  • Telephone communication techniques
  • Stress Management
  • Project Management
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Customer Focus
  • Business Writing and Reporting
  • English Business Writing Workshop
  • Finance for Non-Financial Managers
  • Effective Presentation Skills
  • Effective Communication

Management Skills

  • Strategic Business Management and Planning
  • Failure Analysis of Case Management
  • Managing different generations (Gen Y)
  • Feedforward – The Next Generation Leadership
  • Employee Motivation Theory and Practice
  • Preparing for the future Change and Diversity Management
  • Effective Management and Leadership Skills
  • Development of Management and Leadership Skills
  • Management in Difficult Period
  • Management Skills
  • Process Management
  • Strategic Risk Management
  • Strategic Overview
  • Purchasing and Supply Management
  • The ABCs of Buying
  • Coaching Skills
  • Innovation in Business Management (Creative and Innovative Work Environment)
  • Goal Oriented Team Leadership
  • Understanding the Future
  • Facilitation Skills
  • Effective Leadership Skills
  • Effective Team Management
  • delegation
  • Change Management
  • Conflict Management
  • Holistic Leadership

Finance and Financial Sector

  • Financial Management for Non-Financier
  • Financier for Non-Financial Information
  • International Accounting and Reporting Standards (IAS / IFRS – IAS / IFRS) Education (Applied)
  • Finance for Non-Financial Information for Managers
  • New Turkish Commercial Code Brought to Business and Management Responsibilities and New Control Board Layout
  • International Accounting Standards (IFRS) Applied
  • Collections and Receivables Management in 2012 Fundamental Problems of the property that they brought to
  • Functioning in Futures Markets and Applications
  • Derivative Markets and Functioning
  • Mergers and
  • Project Financing
  • Cost Accounting
  • Import, Export and Invisible Pens Legislation
  • financial Mathematics
  • financial Coaching
  • financial Analysis
  • Trade Finance
  • Budgeting and Control Techniques
  • Basel II
  • Alternative Financing Techniques
  • Asset-Liability Management


  • Fundamentals of Marketing Research
  • Strategic Communication Focused Marketing
  • Marketing in the New World
  • basic Marketing
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Customer Loyalty Program
  • Make the interior of Client Feedback
  • Creating Excellent Customer Experience
  • Brand and Product Management
  • 21 Creating Competitive Advantage In-century Customer Relationship Management and Value Based Marketing
  • 21 Century Customer Focused Marketing

Personal Development

  • Effective Speaking and Body Language
  • The Psychology of Persuasion
  • Training Protocol Rules
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Psychological First Aid
  • Awareness Workshop (Personal Leadership)
  • Presentation Skills Training
  • personal Mastery
  • Effective Team Management
  • The potential to lead
  • Emotional Intelligence in Business Life

Human Resources

  • Training of Trainers
  • Authorization and Feedback
  • Smart Goal Setting For Performance Evaluation System
  • Competency Based Interview Techniques
  • Occupational Health and Safety Act No. 6331 Employers and Employees in terms Innovations Introduced
  • Strategic Educational Planning
  • Most Recent Supreme Court Decisions in the Context of Turkish Labor Legislation Applications
  • The new Turkish Commercial Law Company Law , Corporate Governance , Audit, Financial Reporting Innovations Introduced in the area and Responsibilities of Managers and Partners in this Framework
  • Motivation Theory and Applications
  • Getting the right guy to work with Creative Drama
  • 5510 under Law No. SSI Applications with Recent Changes and Employer Operations
  • The new Turkish Commercial Code
  • Judicial Decisions in the framework of Law No. 4857 and No. 5510 on Social Insurance and General Health Insurance Law Practice
  • In terms of Judicial Decisions Labor Law Occupational Health and Safety
  • Fee Management
  • Applied Human Resource Management
  • Strategic Human Resource Management
  • The ABCs of Performance Management System
  • Corporate Competency Determination
  • Corporate Culture
  • Career Management
  • Human Resources Manager Human Resource Management for Non- Unit Managers
  • Throw aboard the Right Man
  • Educational Planning and Management

In course of performing activities, as well as managing all other resources, companies are required to effectively manage their human resources – determine needs, position and improve performance.

Companies that consider employees to be the most important source of their competitive advantage, are constantly challenged to attract, keep and provide personal development opportunities for employees who are creative and value-added, value teamwork and uphold customer satisfaction as his/her primary goal.

Our consultants provide guidance for your company to develop institutional reflexes that help create the appropriate environment.

In line with your objectives, our consultants work with you to identify issues that need to be considered and draw an action plan to increase efficiency and productivity of your workforce planning.

Our consultants work with you on issues such as;

  • Evaluation of your human resources,
  • Preparation of job descriptions,
  • The creation of Competency models,
  • Development of the Performance Management System,
  • Introduction of Fee Management System,
  • Human Resource Development and Training Plans and Training Management System
  • Setting up the Office of Human Resources Career Management System,
  • Formation of Human Resource Information Management System,


We offer companies the top talents’ they are looking to recruit by creating a “Candidate Pool” – where your requirements such as sector, company profile, product range and the employee profile are carefully matched with qualified prospects with whom preliminary assessments are carried out by our team.

Utilising our CV bank, we deliver an accelerated recruitment process for companies that don’t always have the time or resources to develop their own effective Human Resources Management systems hence deliver considerable savings in terms of resources and time.